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About Us

Georgia first started creating jewelleries for her friends and her goal was to create positive emotions. She believed that jewelleries boost women’s self-esteem, and helps express someone’s uniqueness and femininity. Since establishing the TRIGONAL Company in 2020, our project is based on minimal, geometric and boho chic works of art inspired by feminine nature and the beauty of our Greek and Cypriot homeland. Our passion for the latest fashion trends and the love of jewellery were the trigger point to create jewels as a hobby and therefore sell them. The secret behind this project is an amalgam of love and creativity.

Our jewelleries are handmade in Cyprus. There is a variety of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, for every occasion and taste! Follow us and keep in touch via our social media accounts below; see our aesthetic & feel our love for fashion. Trigonal products are made of gold plated, silver plated, sterling silver, alloy, brass and semi-precious stones, all designed for an elegant aesthetic.